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What is Education for Students by Students (ESS)? We are committed to teaching, inspiring, and empowering Brandeis students and the local Waltham community through education. The mission of ESS is to provide the platform FOR students BY students to develop and share your unique ideas through presentation and conversation. We challenge the Brandeis community to develop their ideas and questions to stimulate intellectual discussion in a creative, interactive, and fun environment by making their ideas accessible to members of this community and beyond. To accomplish our mission, we work to create two sustainable events on campus: SPLASH! (Fall Event) SPLASH! is a nationwide event held at many colleges such as MIT, Northeastern, Boston College, etc. where we invite hundreds of middle and high school students to come onto our campus for one day to take classes taught by YOU, Brandeis students. The classes are all topics that the teachers are passionate about, which is why classes offered can be academic or unconventional. We want to give you a chance to share your passions with your community. Examples of past classes include Evolution of Diseases, How to Make Jam, Intro to Improv, League of Legends, Coding in Linux, etc. TEDxBrandeisUniversity (Spring Event) TEDxBrandeisUniversity is an officially licensed event on campus where we invite Brandeis undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff to speak about ideas they are passionate about. Please feel free to check out our TEDx website: for additional information!









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- Community service - Influence many individuals with the power of education - Organization adn leadership experience through large event organization like TEDxBrandeisU and Brandeis Splash

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