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FOCA is committed to dismantling barriers by uniting women of all races, class, sexual orientation, religion or any other divisive category. FOCA will do this by uniting all different identities FOCA will provide a form of conversation that is unique to the Brandeis community. FOCA strives to create a community that honors and emphasizes the importance of the experiences of femmes of color. We aim to continue creating as many forms of support through activism and other means of voicing the hardships, concerns and experiences of femmes of color on campus. Together we will support and uplift each other despite any of our differences.









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The Femme of Color Alliance, originally named the Women of Color Alliance. was established in 2008 as an inclusive club where femme-identifying individuals could gather and share their experiences both on and off campus. We are committed to dismantling barriers by uniting women of all races, classes, sexual orientations and religions. FOCA has weekly meetings aimed at establishing bonds of solidarity, increasing the support systems present and building a community among the Femme of Color on campus. Our general meetings are Thursdays from 7pm-8pm in the ICC lounge.

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