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About Us

The neuroscience club aims to create a space for neuro-interested people to meet people like them and get information on courses and the neuroscience major. Our club hosts events that support this goal such as the Study Groups event, Movie Night, and more. We hope to strengthen the neuroscience community at Brandeis!









  • How to Join

    Simply join our club on campus groups and you'll receive our emails and be able to attend our events! You can also follow us on Instagram at Neuroclub_brandeis.

  • Ideas for events?

    We're a new club at Brandeis and we're still working to better form our club identity and create events to serve our goals. If you have ideas for new events, please fill out this form!

  • Other Notes

    Campus groups seems to be inconsistent at displaying the upcoming events on this site. Please refer to the Upcoming Events page to check what events we're hosting.

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Our Team

Samara Glazer Profile

Samara Glazer

President & Treasurer
Usha Berger Profile

Usha Berger

Social Media Coordinator
Mei Rowland Profile

Mei Rowland

Event Coordinator
Hirien Modi Profile

Hirien Modi

Assistant Treasurer
Casey Tan Profile

Casey Tan

Event Coordinator
Abigail Froyshteter Profile

Abigail Froyshteter

Kat Browning Profile

Kat Browning