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The purpose of the South Asian Student Association is to celebrate and promote the culture, traditions and current affairs of the eight countries that make up South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) at Brandeis University. The mission of the South Asian Student Association is to bring students together at Brandeis to learn about South Asia as well as to promote and share the South Asian culture, tradition and experience with others at Brandeis. The South Asian Student Association intends to achieve its goal by holding events such as speakers, screenings, dances, performances and other activities.









Members Benefits

Join an environment where our colorful traditions and cultures are celebrated through events such as MELA. Attend events where we can bring you back to (re)discovering the authentic snacks and foods from South Asia. Learn more about the histories of our cultures and be able to hear from and speak to speakers and professors who've been in our positions.

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Soha Mursalien Profile

Soha Mursalien

Media and Relations Assistant
Ariana Agarwal Profile

Ariana Agarwal

Treasury Assistant
Sarayu Goriparti Profile

Sarayu Goriparti

Co-Events Assistant
Michael Fleming Profile

Michael Fleming

Srinidhi Sriraman Profile

Srinidhi Sriraman

Event Coordinator
Ramya Tolety Profile

Ramya Tolety

Srishti Kaushik Profile

Srishti Kaushik

Media & Relations
Anoushka Asha Profile

Anoushka Asha

Digital Media Chair
Sophia Ahmad Profile

Sophia Ahmad

Public Relations Chair
Amaima Awais Profile

Amaima Awais

Co-Events Assistant
Anushka Basu Profile

Anushka Basu

Ayesha Shaukat Profile

Ayesha Shaukat

Treasury Assistant
Khimaya Bagla Profile

Khimaya Bagla

Event Coordinator
Shachi Prasad Profile

Shachi Prasad

Ananya Kadwe Profile

Ananya Kadwe

Event Coordinator
Karen Perez-Seyforth Profile

Karen Perez-Seyforth



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